Here's What People are Saying about Fair Game!

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Having sold Mary a top class goose dog, I have seen first hand her commitment to excellence in the quality of her service.

Alasdair MacRae
9-time Winner of the
USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals
Fair Game does an excellent job! It's such a pleasure now to be able to walk around the plant without looking down for fear of stepping in something!

Janice Velenger
Manager of Site Services
Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals/Lederle Laboratories
Fair Game has worked wonders! Your service is responsive, prompt, and reliable. I've been impressed with your monitoring of the population, and your . . . actions have never failed to get results. Fair Game has shown that there is a humane way to control the goose population and preserve the beauty and cleanliness of our Memorial Park.

Kathy Lukens,
Former Executive Director,
Camp Venture
Working with Mary has taught me a lot about using dogs to repel geese. Dogs are one form of harassment that geese will not tolerate.

Bryan Swift, Waterfowl Specialist,
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Truly a most satisfying intervention!

Sr. Stephen Gerard
Principal, St. Paul's School
Effective goose control cannot be a part-time sport and succeed,and Fair Game possesses the competence and commitment to make it work. Mary Felegy is dedicated to her profession, studying the habits of geese and noting their behavioral response to the dogs. Mary practices year-round to ensure that her dogs stay under control at all times. Fair Game delivers results!

Gene Sheninger, Former President,
Northeast Border Collie Association,
and Professional Border Collie Handler, Trainer, and Breeder

Some Letters to Fair Game from Clients

Dear Mary:

Someone saw your dogs on our property recently and asked what they were doing. The question gave me an opportunity to talk about your wonderful service and the difference it has made not only on the appearance of our property, but on the quality of life of our residents.

We have been clients now since February of 1998, and I still get flashbacks to what our property looked like before we met. The goose droppings covered our expansive lawns and sidewalks and were tracked into the buildings on the residents' shoes. Our maintenance staff spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning up after the geese, and the droppings sticking to the mower blades doubled the time they had to spend on lawn and equipment maintenance. The geese were with us year-round, with each season presenting its unique set of problems.

We tried all the suggested remedies - nothing worked. That is, until we met you and your four-legged associates! We are now virtually goose-free, and when the occasional geese visitors do arrive, they depart quickly when the dogs appear. And since your dogs all go into the water after them, the pond is no longer a refuge for the geese.

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent service you offer! Our residents are again able to enjoy the grounds and the maintenance staff is happy. I am happy, too -- and convinced that your Goose Management Service is cost effective, given the savings we have realized in maintenance, housekeeping, grounds and equipment upkeep costs.

Sincerely Yours,

Sister Ursula Joyce,
Executive Director
Thorpe Village

To Whom It May Concern:

For a long period of time Dominican College was plagued by frequent visits from Canadian geese. Sidewalks were destroyed and an otherwise attractive campus was not a pleasant place to walk.

All of this changed when the College hired Mary Felegy of Fair Game Goose Management Services, Inc. The response was immediate and total. The geese were treated with care, but it became clear that Dominican was no longer their home.

Mary Felegy is a pleasant person to work with. She and her well-trained dogs have made all the difference for the Dominican Campus!


Sr. Mary Eileen O'Brien, O.P.
Dominican College
To Whom It May Concern:

A few years ago our playing fields within the school district were inundated with geese. We tried other methods to deter the geese, but to no avail. Being a golfer, I witnessed the use of dogs on the course and how they were able to chase the geese away, and the Board of Education finally gave their approval.

Since the inception of the Fair Game Goose Control program, there has only been praise for what has been a very successful endeavor. We are extremely thankful to Mary Felegy and her dogs for ridding our fields of the geese, and particularly for her dedication at ensuring that the few geese that do return are once again chased away.

We highly recommend Fair Game as an excellent contractor to perform this unique and highly successful service!

Edward K. Rieff
Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
Nanuet Public Schools
To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great satisfaction that I write about the services that Fair Game Goose Control provides for us at Blue Hill Plaza. Prior to doing business with Fair Game, we had a problem with a stubborn population of resident birds. Our cleaning staff spent a large portion of their time cleaning up after the birds, and our lawns were destroyed by the birds' feeding and by the droppings they left behind.

With the program that Fair Game has set up for us, we no longer have any of these problems! We highly recommend the services that Fair Game provides for anyone who may have problems with geese.

Richard Eletto
Property Manager
Blue Hill Plaza
To Whom It May Concern:

Fair Game Goose Management Services eliminated the invasion of Canada geese at our facility. Fair Game was extremely reliable and very responsive to our needs. They did an excellent job keeping our facility goose-free. I highly recommend them for goose elimination and prevention.

Diane Montalto
Director of Engineering
Par Pharmaceuticals
Dear Mary:

Each and every time that we have seen you, the dogs are well-groomed, look fit and seem so happy. A good-looking, healthy, happy dog is the result of a solid training program in a loving environment. For a working dog it takes extra time and effort, and as breeders and trainers ourselves we know! You consistently take that time and put forth that effort. You even drove 800 miles with a new baby to attend one of our very first sheepdog training camps, no easy task, but one that you did all for your dog's benefit.

This kind of dedication does not go unnoticed -- especially with us -- and I'm sure it is obvious to all your clients. Having a well kept, obedient, highly trained dog gives a more professional approach to the job, and gives us peace of mind that one of our dogs - Tam, a special dog -- is in such an ideal environment.

Knowing how hard you work with the dogs and the effort you put into maintaining their training, we would recommend your services to anyone having problems with Canada geese.


Kent and Gwen Kuykendall
Kuykendall's Border Collies (home of many sheepdog trialing champions)