Frequently Asked Questions about Goose Control

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What Is Goose Control?

Goose control is the process of reducing the impact that nuisance Canada geese have on your property. While some programs rely heavily on mechanical controls such as dog silhouettes or noisemakers, the most effective programs employ a balance of population control (the expert addling of goose eggs), preventative landscaping and biological controls such as the use of specially trained dogs – border collies..

Why Does It Work?

Geese quickly become habituated to other nonlethal scare tactics such as reflective strips, scarecrows, and even swans, but they NEVER get used to the presence of dogs. The border collie closely resembles the arctic fox, a natural predator of geese. And since geese are intelligent creatures whose survival hinges on avoiding this predatory threat, they soon learn to seek greener pastures.

How Does It Work?

Dogs and handler make several visits per day to your site, up to seven days a week. The dogs are released and chase the geese, who respond immediately by honking their distress call and flying away to safety. Visits are staggered so that the geese do not learn any schedule, and visits are always made near dusk to prevent overnight roosting. If the geese try to retreat to water, the dogs will swim in right after them! Within several weeks,* the geese learn that your property is no longer a hospitable place to be and relocate.

* Actual time may vary, depending on property size and layout and the extent of goose presence.