Meet the Fair Game “Attack” Pack

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Tye has 12 years experience under his collar working both sheep and geese – loves the pond work!

Liz at 10 is a real sweetheart and a fabulous swimmer when geese are around. She’s also a therapy dog and is called “The Licking Dog” by her young autistic friends.

Sonni is the fastest of this trio, keeping her handler dry during rainy weather by getting the geese out in a flash!

Zak is English born and his breeding shows both when working sheep on the farm or in the big city. He’s the smartest dog on his team, and incredibly keen on geese.

Glenn is a happy-go-lucky 3-year-old with a great disposition and a keen love of the water.

Penny – Did someone say “arctic fox?” Gentle Penny and her little buddy Poco are at their best in the winter when their natural camoflauge gives them a big advantage!

Shane has a strong work ethic and a sharp eye for geese and nothing more than working with his partner, Dennis.

Luna is Shane’s other working partner, a former farm dog who made the switch to geese and never looked back.

Doodles is BIG and can look quite intimidating, but the geese are the only ones who need to be afraid because he absolutely loves people

Gypsy is a young little spitfire who is full of energy. Quite shy around new people, she practically bounces off the wall when she realizes she is heading out to work.

Eager to please and a lapdog at heart, don’t let her loveable disposition fool you. Becky’s champion breeding lines make her a stylish working dog and a menace to geese, at her very best in the water.

Rocket is aptly named, for his long-legged stride sends him streaking across the longest field in pursuit of his quarry. Rocket has inherited the best of his mother Becky’s talent and personality, and will be Fair Game’s “go to” goose dog for years to come.

Here's what Rocket likes to do in his spare time when he's not chasing geese!